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AC Electromagnetic Brakes

AC Electromagnetic Brakes

The company is the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of AC Electromagnetic Brakes in New Delhi. The AC Electromagnetic Brakes, offered by the company, are manufactured using the best raw materials and are studded with numerous features. The company offers the best AC Electromagnetic Brakes at the best prices and ensures the timely deliveries.

Details :

  • Suitable for AC supply up to 400 to 440 volts
  • Available for a wide range of drum sizes from 10 mm to 380 mm diameter
  • Heavy duty brakes available with rated torque ranging from 200 Kg cm for the smallest brake (100 mm diameter) up to 6900 kg cm for a 380 mm diameter at 50% coil rating
  • Coil remains in circuit for a maximum of 5 minutes out of every 10 minutes
  • Conventionally termed as single phase EM Brakes although they are to be operated on 2 phase
  • 3 Phase Brake are also available where a higher torque is desired
  • Available in normally closed position, the release of shoes is affected by energizing the electromagnetic coil
  • Release overcomes the spring force and the shoes are moved clear off the drum by lever/arm linkage system so that the drum is free to rotate without any friction
  • Electromagnetic coil gets energized on passing power and it pulls the plunger down
  • Plunger in turn operates the arm of the brakes and the brake opens
  • Lining keeps wearing out due to normal operation of the brake
  • Adjusts itself on its own to achieve the rated toque
  • When specified, brake drum or drum coupling both pin bush type and flexible geared type can be supplied along with the brakes


Size 8 Nm to 2500Nm
Type EB (normally off)
Material Metal
Voltage 220 - 380 V
Condition New
Torque 0.6 NM to 2.4 NM.
Category: EM Brake